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Thank you to our Hope Business Partners you help support HOPE & KWIL Radio.


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Your Business can partner with HOPE too.

Ministry Partners

Our Ministry Partners come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common.  They all want to help others.  From Churches to Pregnancy Centers, from Homeless shelters to addiction programs, our Ministry partners accomplish great things and bring a lot of hope into our communities.  That’s why we like to shine the light on the events, activities and initiatives of many of these organizations.  We do this in a variety of ways.

Free exposure on our website and radio stations.

Any organization is welcome to submit information about upcoming events to our Events Coordinator.  We place all events harmonious with our mission on our website.  We also select a number of those events each week to air on our Community Spotlight.  Through this broadcast we donate over $50,000 worth of advertising to others.  To submit your event click the link below or find out more information at the Submit An Event tab under our Events menu.


While it is impossible for us to actively sponsor all the events we are invited to, we seriously consider these opportunities to be a great value to us.  It provides us exposure in the community by standing shoulder to shoulder to help others.  These types of partnerships include the exchange of value between both parties and can help the organizations as much as they help us.  If you would like us to consider sponsoring, click on the link below and tell us about your event.

Ministry Resources

There are many people in need who are looking for help today.  While our mission is to use our broadcasting and social media tools to bring hope to life, we are not an assistance organization.  We have limitation in the type of help we can provide. We believe the best way we can help others is by supporting the organizations who already exist and to help them be successful.