Bethany shares about Thanksgiving.

I love that Thanksgiving is a holiday with such intentionality of being grateful for what we have. However sometimes our “Thanksgiving” doesn’t look like what we had imagined when we were little girls. Maybe we always pictured ourselves cooking the perfect dinner in our white-picket fence house, with 2 kids, a well-behaved dog, and a husband ready to carve the turkey as soon as the oven timer went off.
But, maybe your reality of “Thanksgiving” this year wasn’t at all like you pictured. Maybe you are a single mom who burned the turkey, maybe you were never able to have children to set a table for or maybe you had the dog, but the dog ate your turkey!!
No matter how your Thanksgiving went I hope you hear me say dear one that you are loved today perfectly by God. He hears you and sees you.
 I pray that God will give you eyes and ears to see and hear his goodness in the middle of this beautiful mess we call life!!
Jennifer Rothschild, the guest speaker for our HOPE 1079 Women’s Conference in February knows all too well about life not going as expected. She became completely blind by the age of 12 and she has not allowed that disability to define who she is, God defines her! I want to personally invite you to our Facebook Live interview with Jennifer on Tuesday, December 11th at 7 PM PST.
Jennifer will be sharing her story, providing a sneak peek about her message in February and you will have full-access to ask your own questions in the live show!