National Day of Prayer

How relevant is your message?

This is the most important of the Big 3.  You will likely get better results from a strong, relevant message to the wrong audience, than to reach the right audience with a message that is not relevant.  Crafting a relevant message requires that you step into the mind and heart of your target audience.  What does he/she need?  What does … Read More

Our Target Audience

Meet “Kelly”!  Although a fictitious character “Kelly” represents the center of the bulls-eye of our HOPE listeners.   She is important to us because we make all decisions regarding station operations and programming through a “Kelly filter”.  We are continually asking how we can bring hope to “Kelly’s” life. Who “Kelly” is… A mom, a daughter, a wife, a friend.  She is … Read More

Buying Phase

The Buying Phase is when people have finished their research and are ready to buy.  Of course, every business would like people to choose them when they are ready to buy, but the truth is if you have not invested in reaching them with your message during the Thinking Phase and Shopping Phase, it’s likely they will choose one of … Read More

Shopping Phase

The Shopping Phase is the phase in which people start to do research.  They will spend time on the internet looking at reviews and comparing products and businesses.  In the shopping phase people are more actively aware of marketing messages for the product or service you are providing.  Often the shopping phase for your business can be predicted by trigger … Read More

Thinking Phase

The Thinking Phase is typically the longest of the phases.  Although people in the thinking phase are not actively researching or shopping for your product or service it’s critically important that you reach them with your message.  You want to have your brand already in the customer’s mind before they start to poke around on the internet where all your … Read More

This Mistake

Often when “trying something new” a business will dedicate a small budget over a short period of time then declare that it “didn’t work”.  But the truth is they are comparing it to advertising where they have dedicated 3x the budget over a period of years. If you would like help determining the correct frequency for your business or non-profit … Read More

Buying Cycle

Every product or service has a buying cycle.  There are three main stages the buyer goes through before making a purchase: Thinking Phase, Shopping Phase and Buying Phase.   The length of the buying cycle of your product or service will determine what strategy we would recommend.  In a short buying cycle, a person could go through all three phases … Read More

Evaluate the Frame

Advertisers often overlook impact of the “frame” that surrounds their advertising message.  In a recent survey, HOPE 107.9 fm listeners were asked “When you listen to HOPE 107.9 what emotion or emotions do you feel”.  The number one answer was HOPEFUL, followed by ENCOURAGING, and JOYFUL.  That is the frame of mind our listeners are in when your ad comes … Read More