Returning Champion Team:   THE PRAYER WARRIORS

Our crazy clan is a mix of a truck driver, a trucker driver/chef, a nurse, a pastry chef extraordinaire, and me.
Due to our shared love of Jesus and good music, supporting Hope 107.9 and the daily ministry they are called to, it was inevitable.  All of us love to volunteer with Hope and some are going on ten years of it. 
It will bring us all great joy to help bring laughter and fun to as many as we can at the Framily Freud Game Night.


Five guys (Nate, David, Adam, Gerold, & Tarren) were working at their Bible factory, next to a nuclear power plant.
They were nearly killed when a meteor crashed into the nuclear plant which instantly gave them super human abilities. 
Despite their new super human powers, the power of the Holy Spirit remains their ultimate weapon.

Adult & Teen Challenge Team:  SCORPION  WOLF  COBRAS  for  CHRIST



Life Community Church Team:  THE MIRACLES

They are a sight to behold! You've heard about them, read about them, maybe dreamed about them, and they're finally all together in one place - THE MIRACLES.
Fresh from the Sunday School flannel graph, onto the mean streets of Oregon, THE MIRACLES are taking "be the miracle" to a whole new level. From the Red Sea, to leprosy, this miracle family has it covered. Sun stand still? No problem! Water to wine? It's five o'clock somewhere! What brings this family together? We don't just believe in miracles, we bring the miracle to life.
The Miracles! Making miracles great again.


We are the WCC Super (Twerp)'s
The name Twerp comes from the initials of each of our last names.
Each of us interact with children everyday, so we will know all the answers even when we are "under pressure."
We are an epic and collective group who love Jesus and life. Each one of us bring a wide variety of 80's knowledge to this event. So be aware, we love the Lord and we are "livin on a prayer."
We are ready to win, you just need to decide “Should I Stay or Should I Go.”

Willamette Community Church Team:  THE T.W.E.R.P.(S)