About Bo Stern-Brady

All I want to do with my life now is scream loud and long to any woman who will hear it: “You matter! You’re enough! You’re just getting started and you’re doing great!”

So I created SHEology. It’s my seat in the bleachers. And I will keep showing up here until every woman on the planet believes that she is endlessly loved by an infinite God. That’s my dream. I think it’s a good one.

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The Gap

Live Like a Lily

What I Hope For

Why Healing is the Bravest Adventure

About Sam Kelly

When God writes your story, you're gonna get a few plot twists.  Have you ever looked at your life and wondered "What happened?"  Sam Kelly tells it like it is with humor and hope.
She's a radio personality (Scott and Sam) who shares stories every afternoon on Hope 107.9. . . and a voice actor whose roles include Princess Peach and Toad in Nintendo's Mario games.  
Other significant roles:  The person in the family who cleans out the sink strainer. - Check-list girl. - Special Needs Mom. - Wife. - Full-heart Friend. - Encourager. - Believer.