Listen Now

How to Listen

At the bottom of every page on the website is a Music Player tray. Simply click on the white arrow on the right side of the tray and a stream will start playing. The Player Tray will expand showing other options. It returns to its original position after 5 seconds. You can expand it again by clicking on the icon next to the volume speaker. The clock icon on the far right takes you to our on-air playlist

The player will continue to play regardless of where you go on the website. And if you happen to play another audio or video on the website, the stream will pause while listening, wait for you to finish, and then resume playing.

Player Instructions

In addition to launching a stream, the music player provides additional options.

• You can play a clip from a list of songs by the artists
• You can watch artist video
• You can vote a thumbs up for songs you like. The player rates our listener’s favorite songs.
• You can purchase the song on I-Tunes
• You can share the song with others

You also have the option to learn more about the artist via tabs for Artist Info, Photos, Social Channels, Albums, Top Tracks and Concerts