Music Team

Join our Music Team and take music tests!

A Music Test is an online audio presentation that plays shorts clips of 10-15 songs per test.  As you are listening you are asked how familiar you are with each song and how well you like it.  It also asked if you think we should be playing it more or less.

The feedback we receive from our actual listeners helps us make decisions about which songs we should be playing.  While there are other methods of gauging a songs popularity nationally, this is the only way we know what you, our loyal listeners are thinking.

It’s as simple as signing up to the Hope Music Team via our website.  By answering a few simple questions a profile is set up for us to better sort your answers.  Once a Music Team Member you will receive notification when a test is launched.

First it’s fun to participate in a music test and know that your opinion matters.  Secondly, we share our results so you know how your likes and dislikes compare with others.  Finally, we do offer prizes for each Music Test with everything from concert tickets to dining gift cards.

We ask for your first & last name, street address, zip code, gender, age group, and email.  We also like to know how often you listen and when. You have the option of providing your birth date and all your information is kept confidential.

You’ll receive a music test about once a month, sometimes more frequently.  We notify you via email as well as on-air announcements and postings on our website and Facebook.

Music Tests can be completed with most any PC, tablet or smartphone via internet access.  You will need to be able to play audio files through your PC or external speakers.

While we hope to hear from as many Music Team Members as possible, missing a test is no big deal.  Just jump on the next one so we can consider your opinion.  There will always be another opportunity to jump in on the next one.

Laurie Davison

Music Director