Jordan St. Cyr – Fires

March 21-27th – Today I wanted to share this new song with you called ‘Fires’. The young man who wrote it is a new artist, Jordan St. Cyr, and he’s definitely been through some fiery trials of his own. Three years ago his daughter was born with a rare brain disorder that causes seizures and continues to be serious. Even though Jordan and his wife still have so many questions regarding their daughter’s health and what the future holds, they have no question about God’s faithfulness. He has proven to them over and over that He is with them and always will be. God has been using the hardest part of their story to draw them even closer to Him. What trial are you going through right now? Would you let God pull you close and walk through that fire with you? He’ll give you all the strength you need for every step of the journey. I hope this song speaks to your heart today. -Laurie