Jordan St. Cyr – Fires

June 27th – July 3rd – We’re just a few months out from it being a year since all the devastating fires ravished our area. At that same time that was happening, this next song came out and it was becoming very popular nationwide, but I was struggling with whether or not to play it because the message was so very personal to what was going on here and I was worried it just hit too close to home. The reality is this song holds out so much hope. It’s called, “Fires” by a newer artist named Jordan St. Cyr. It’s a reminder that, yes, there will be “fires” and hard times in our lives because there just will be this side of heaven, but you don’t have to fight those fires alone. God is right in there with you, and sometimes He pulls you from the flames, and other times He walks you through them, holding on to you. And, believe me, He has no intention of ever letting go. -Laurie